“It is without hesitation that I recommend JML Uniforms as a school uniform supplier. The success of its implementation is due in part to our partnership with Vince Adamo and the staff at JML Uniforms. Mr. Adamo and his staff are knowledgeable, organized and flexible. They work very hard to provide quality clothing and service at a competitive price. They make an effort to understand the socio-economic needs of our community and to handle these needs in a very professional manner. Most importantly, they are ambassadors of our school and help promote our values and policies. I look forward to our continued partnership with JML Uniforms and I am confident in recommending their excellent services.”
Ms. M. Visca Principal Delta Secondary

“There were many reasons for selecting JML, such as the competitive pricing, the quality, the location of the store to the school and the previous success at Delta. However, the most important factor from my perspective and the committees was the personal, honest approach of Mr. Adamo. It was clear that Mr. Adamo was going to work in the best interest of our school community. His willingness to come into our school for several days and evenings to size all of our students was one of the keys of our successful implementation. All of his employees worked extremely hard to ensure all our students were fitted and supplied with shirts. He met with me on several occasions to ensure our needs were being met. In addition, Mr. Adamo personally donated towards our bursary fund to support our families in need. It is important to find company that will be personal, honest and get things done. JML is this company!”
Mr. M. Figueiredo Principal Memorial Elementary School

“JML has been the uniform supplier for St. Lawrence since the implementation of the Uniform Policy by the Board. The partnership has been beneficial in all areas. The uniform quality is excellent and the pricing below that of other suppliers. Items are always available and parents are treated with courtesy and promptness. In choosing a supplier, St. Lawrence School considered quality of product, competitive pricing and dedication to service. JML has delivered all three components admirably and without exception.”
Ms. E. Woehrle Principal St. Lawrence School

“This letter serves to proudly recommend the services of JML Uniforms as a school uniform supply company. Our dealings with Mr. Adamo and staff have been long -term, however with the institution of a uniform policy, this company has proven to be an excellent choice as supplier of Immaculate Heart of Mary School Uniforms. As a well-organized and efficient supplier, Mr. Adamo used his background to assist our school uniform committee in selecting a wide range of quality and student friendly clothing. Distribution and supply were handled with order and expertise.”
Mr. K. McNamara Principal Immaculate Heart of Mary School

“JML Uniforms is the uniform supplier for our school. We have received a high quality of service from JML Uniforms from the moment we first started looking into forming a partnership with a uniform company. JML has spent many countless hours providing service for the parents in this community and been very sensitive to their needs, especially those families with financial difficulties. JML has also made school visits to provide service for our school. JML has handled all school needs in a very professional manner and has consistently been diligent in ensuring that the uniforms arrive on time. In summary, we are very pleased with the service and partnership with JML Uniforms.”
Mr. V. Picheca Principal St. Ann School

“In September 2004, the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board implemented a Board wide uniform policy for all students JK-Grade 8. The Catholic School Council and myself looked at proposals from a number of suppliers and determined that JML offered the best quality material at the best price. We were also quite impressed with the level of personal service provided by Vince Adamo and the entire staff at JML. They went out of their way to ensure that the needs of each and every member of our school community were met.”
Mr. D. Hanson Principal St. Brigid School

“I am pleased to support Mr. Vince Adamo and his company JML Uniforms, as an outstanding preferred supplier of school uniforms, worthy of providing all schools in the HWDSB with exceptional service and product as it relates to school uniform implementation. I would be absolutely remiss if I did not detail the fabulous service and one on one attention that Mr. Adamo and his team always provide regardless of how minute or grand an issue brought to their attention may be. Mr Adamo and his team have developed an excellent rapport and reputation with all schools they have dealt with. JML Uniforms fosters a true partnership with schools and take very seriously their role in not just accepting one onus of responsibility with any issues that may arise, but dealing with them in a positive and satisfactory manner. Whenever discussion regarding implementing a uniform policy happens amongst my colleagues, Mr. Adamo and his team are spoken about with high regard. They handle all challenges with dedication, enthusiasm and efficiency.”
Mr. D. Ivankovic Principal Viscount Montgomery School

“I have worked with Mr. Adamo and his staff as a teacher, coach and principal for over 20 years. I have used their products in a variety of capacities and I have always been pleased with the products and service. He and his staff have always done their best to be prompt in their service and their product has been of the highest quality. His support for the school and the needy families at the school has been much appreciated. In closing I would recommend JML Uniforms to anyone looking for school uniforms.”
Mr. M. Laskowski Principal Immaculate Heart of Mary School

JML has been our uniform supplier ever since the school board’s policy of uniforms has been mandated. We are pleased with their quality and service. Our Catholic School Council had several suppliers to choose from and they voted for JML Uniforms because of their product quality, competitive prices and their service. In fact, our contract was coming to an end and once again, after reviewing other suppliers, JML Uniforms was chosen to service our school community by our Catholic School Council. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me.
Julie Angiolillo Principal

JML Uniforms, Ltd.               95 Parkdale Avenue North, Hamilton, ON L8H 5X1              Tel: 905-544-1608